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Green Door Consulting specialises in sales and lead generation. With foundations in corporate and investment banking and sales and business development experience in some of the world's largest firms, we are experts at engaging with and putting your business in front of key decision makers. We understand that a company's success or failure can hinge on its ability to create new business opportunities. This has never been more true than in the tough economic environment that we're currently faced with.

At Green Door Consulting, we help you outshine your competition, by building your brand's awareness and providing qualified leads for your business. Our cutting edge business development capabilities and diverse network of professional service firms will give your business the winning edge.

Our extensive banking and finance industry experience can also launch your business toward solutions that perfectly suit your funding requirements.

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What We Do

"Lead Generation"

We generate qualified leads with your target client's key decision makers. This then leads to a broader pipeline for your sales team and increased potential revenue for your business. Further, given a Green Door Consulting solution is a more cost-effective alternative to engaging/hiring a new business developer, it will also contribute to a healthier bottom line for your business.

"Strategic Partner Management"

We source and nurture new strategic partnerships for your business. Relationships with referral sources need to be nurtured well beyond the initial introductory meeting. Ongoing care and maintenance of these connections is a must, if there is to be trust and reliability between businesses.

As well as our direct Lead Generation service, Green Door Consulting can also create and/or build on relationships with key referral sources for your business.

"Funding Connect"

We put you in touch with suitable funding partners via our extensive network of financial institutions. We apply our skills and knowledge of banking and finance to quickly assess the viability of funding and/or other suitable solutions available to you. We then open the door for you to deal directly with the most appropriate partner for your business.

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