Finding and winning new business is one of the greatest challenges for any company, especially when you add an intensely competitive landscape into the picture. Green Door Consulting runs business development workshops which help business executives develop skills and habits that will lead to producing practical results for their business. We draw upon methodologies that have proven success across diverse industries.

We take participants through the Seven Steps of the Business Development Cycle, incorporating practical exercises to engage participants.  The Seven Steps are:

  1. Identify – identifying your target market;
  2. Research – researching techniques to assist in finding the appropriate companies to target;
  3. Approach – direct and indirect techniques for approaching companies, including the all important technique of cold calling;
  4. Initial Meeting – how to prepare and techniques to run a successful meeting;
  5. Opportunity – how to cut through the noise and identify the real opportunities;
  6. Conversion – managing the post-initial meeting conversion process is just as important as all the other steps combined;
  7. Close – how to seal the deal!

Our workshops would benefit any business executive who needs guidance on any or all of these Seven Steps.  We’ll get you there!